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Barry J Conn: Principal Research Scientist (National Herbarium of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia) and Associate Professor (The University of Sydney). He specialised in the systematics of the floras of Malesia, Australasia and Pacific Islands, with special focus on the systematics of the trees of New Guinea and several other plant families. He was employed as a botanist at the Papua New Guinea National Herbarium (Lae) and as a lecturer at the Bulolo Forestry College (1974—1979). Since 1982, he regularly visited PNG to continue his botanical research and to document and describe trees for the PNGtrees project.

Kipiro Q. Damas: Graduated with a Diploma in Forestry from the Papua New Guinea Forestry College, Bulolo in 1978. Employed as an Assistant Botanist at the Papua New Guinea National Herbarium (Lae) while completing a Bachelor of Forestry Science, PNG University of Technology, in 1992. Continued as a Botanist at the Lae Herbarium. In 2009 he graduated with a Bachelor of Honours from the University of Papua New Guinea and continued to work as the Senior Botanist at Lae. Recently completed his studies for a Master of Science degree at the University of Papua New Guinea.